We are your ideal partner for Research Chemicals & challenging chemistry.

R&D Scientific is a Chemistry focused business based in Canada. Our team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for our clients. Our skilled and highly experienced chemists have earned a reputation for successfully tackling the most complex, multi-step chemical syntheses. We can provide innovative and practical solutions for the design, synthesis, regardless of compound class. Contact us to accelerate your R&D.

R&D Scientific Inc., is a proudly Canadian company established to fulfill advanced chemistry needs in Organic synthesis. We offer a wide range of fine chemicals from gram to multi kilo scale to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Agrochemical industry and Universities across the globe to enhance the drug discovery process faster and economical for your highest success.

We work in the field of custom synthesis and contract research. Our network is partnered with many national and international companies which have a versatile combination of advanced synthetic laboratories with fully equipped facilities to undertake a wide range of Organic reactions along with cGMP and non GMP manufacturing plants. We work quickly and efficiently while maintaining full confidentiality regarding our client’s intellectual property.

R&D Scientific Inc. We are a professional supplier of wide range of chemistry products, Research Chemicals, Bulk chemicals, APIs, Drug Impurities, Carbohydrates, Cosmetics raw materials, Plant extracts, Fragrance & Flavor.

Our main focus is to assist clients by utilizing our skilled team of scientist for “hard-to-find” fine chemicals and advanced intermediates that are not commercially available. This can be achieved as a technology transfer, where the client provides an information package under a confidentiality agreement, or by matching the producer’s own in-house expertise allowing them to offer a completely new product from R&D through to production.

Our team is also specialize in Chemical Sourcing and procurement which can optimize your purchasing process for chemicals. We have collaborations with many local and international companies.